Meet The Barber Club family

Our second generation barber who having spent over a decade in Marbella, is the go to Barber in the Marbella social scene


Specialty: Latest cuts with artistic flair

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Our New York raised, second generation barber, set up his first mobile barbers in the playground of his school and never looked back


Specialty: Fades to the highest level

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A Fourth generation barber is a rare thing. But we have one. Barbering is not only in his blood, but it is the love of his life.


Specialty: Two decades perfecting the art of the wet shave.

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Born and raised in Malaga, we stole Alberto away from his own barber shop to join us.


Specialty: Styling and finishing hair

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Pixies educational background combining beauty therapy and business in Southampton, England, led her to found her own business.


Specialty: Spotting new treatments for the male grooming market

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Old school traditional tattoo artist with a cult following in the Swedish hip hop scene. Fluent in English, Spanish and Swedish.


Specialty: Traditional old school tattoos

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Barber Jr.


Daily is The Barber Club´s very first Apprentice. She has a passion for all things hair and is excited to be working as an assistant with us whilst studying at The Barber Club Academy earning her NVQ.

The Barber Club Bar



Sasha is a Spanish born barman who enjoys making cocktails and speaking with the members. Having previously worked as a trainee piolet he loves to fly in his spare time.

Reception & Membership



Rebecca’s talent for organising events was a perfect match for The Barber Clubs hectic daily schedule. She loves music and produces music in her spare time.


Assistent Manager


Having begun working in hairdressing from the age of 13, Jack quickly worked his way up to become part of the management team for one of the UK’s leading hair, beauty and retail outlets in Harrods. In his role as Assistant Manager Jack thrives from creating the perfect member experience.



Elle works closely with the CEO Jon Stretton-Knowles and takes his vision and makes it a reality through creative, strategic planning. She intuitively understands the hair, beauty and cosmetic industry and developing opportunities with our partners.